My paintings are an ode to the plethora of the imagery in dreams. Colors appear more intense, surroundings more moody, and instances more pertinent. Each painting functions similarly to those first few minutes when one awakes and tries to fathom the vivid scenes of a haunting dream. I pull both specific imagery and color schemes from my fantasies into real life studio setups. The medium of paint allows for dense decoration across surfaces and a flexibility of hues, but the subject comes from an interest in the mystery and the psychological tension of a story told in a fractured way on a single frame. Whether witnessing a secret jungle ritual, dominos in complex geometric formation, or the smirking victor of an illicit card game the viewer is allowed to examine the scene for both the figurative and abstract elements that create a glorious freeze-frame of story.

By suspending the tale in the middle of an event, the viewer is left to ponder the outcome as well as the secrets that have led to the narrative's conception. By paying careful attention to the orchestrated light, chosen costumes and props of my tableaus and still lifes, I extend a seductive invitation to unravel the feelings and symbols that flavor each piece. Figures may either be in action or seemingly waiting for someone else to facilitate a conclusion in their secret sagas. Cocktail decorations might climb up the wall leaving behind a stream of fractured shadows. The viewer follows touching with their eyes every nuance in the surface, exchanging confusion for confidence as they reflect on the emphasis in each depiction.